What’s ”Ankh”?

Ankh is an ancient Egyptian amulet that symbolizes life and spirit. Also, it means the key of destiny.

ALFA Maruyama (Maruyama Pia Bild) 3F
Odori West24 Chuo-ku Sapporo
(1 mins. walk from Maruyama Kouen subway exit no. 5)
OPEN — 10:00~19:00
CLOSED — Tuesday every first & third Monday

Call us → (011) 622-8828


Even though we can’t speak English fluently.
but but but……
we are friendly and fun staffs! WELCOME to Oasis Ankh!

Beauty Salon

  • shampoo cut — 3,500~5,000yen +TAX
  • perm — 8,000yen~ +TAX
  • Herb magic color — 8,000yen~ +TAX
  • Henna — 7,000yen~ +TAX
  • straight perm — 10,000yen~ +TAX

You’ll be served by a designated stylist from start to the finish.
Just sit, relax and chat while we style your hair for you.

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