English Sapporo beauty salon “Oasis Ankh”

What’s ”Ankh”?

oasis ankh

Ankh is an ancient Egyptian amulet that symbolizes life and spirit. Also, it means the key of destiny.

ALFA Maruyama (Maruyama Pia Bild) 3F
Odori West24 Chuo-ku Sapporo
(1 mins. walk from Maruyama Kouen subway exit no. 5)
OPEN — 10:00~19:00
CLOSED — Tuesday every first & third Monday

Call us → (011) 622-8828


Even though we can’t speak English fluently.
but but but……
we are friendly and fun staffs! WELCOME to Oasis Ankh!

Beauty Salon

メイクバランスセラピスト http://www.ankh-jp.com

make up & hair set

  • shampoo cut — 3,500~5,000yen +TAX
  • perm — 8,000yen~ +TAX
  • Herb magic color — 8,000yen~ +TAX
  • Henna — 7,000yen~ +TAX
  • straight perm — 10,000yen~ +TAX

You’ll be served by a designated stylist from start to the finish.
Just sit, relax and chat while we style your hair for you.

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Ankh Original/ “Haskap Beauty” Head Spa, Scalp Care Menu

Ankh Original/ “Haskap Beauty” Head Spa, Scalp Care Menu (Special Price in Progress)

haskap beauty

haskap beauty

Ankh Original Natural New Items Special Experience Price
Each menu 5,000 yen ⇒ Special price 3,980 yen (tax not included)



It takes about 90 minutes. (Until the end of June 2018)

Please try nutural head care of Haskap(honeysuckle berries)beauty.

Haskap beauty water scalp care

Hydrocrapy (Hydrotherapy method) to repeatedly apply Haskap water
with shower of circulatory organ.
It encourages healthy hair making while balancing autonomic nerves.


Haskap beauty water scalp care

Haskap beauty water scalp care

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