Haskap extract for scalp and hair treatment

Hair & Make Oasis Ankh salon proposes an original beauty menu for scalp and hair treatment with beauty products made from Haskap extract.

Information about our Haskap beauty menu:

The treatment consists of massaging the lymphatic system of the scalp aided by the power of haskap, in order to reduce its stiffness and enhance blood circulation within it. This will consequently enhance the quality of your hair and your metabolism in general.

Information about our Haskap beauty head water therapy:

It consists of repeatedly apply to Haskap extract water to the scalp with circulatory shower movements. This scalp hydrotherapy helps to grow healthy hair while adjusting the balance of the autonomic nervous system.

Haskap is used as a food in Hokkaido region for its high nufrition.
Farmers and the food industry in Hokkaido mostry use Haskap to make jam, juice, ice cream, etc.
Our salon, in collaboration with laboratories, research institutes, and Hokkaido university researchers, aims to widen the usage of haskap to include beauty products.
It is our beauty challenge now!

Ankh Original/ “Haskap Beauty” Regular Course

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Our customer’s voice

“My head loosened and my scalp became soft!”
– A woman in her 30’s who was suffering from tightness in the head.

“My head got warmer and my shoulders got lighter.”
– A woman in her 40’s who used to always feel tired.

“The smell was good.
First, it was itching as it was improving blood circulation, but after that it felt very good.
My body was warmer after the treatment and I felt comfortable.”
– A woman in her 50’s who had hair loss.

“The bubbles ware sticky and the smell was gentle.
I felt a greater sense of serenity.”
– A man in his 40’s whose hair had no vitality.

“Besides all its natural benefits, the shampoo is completely silicone-free. Also, it uses rapeseed oil to reduce alcohol, amino acids and esters’ effects. It is good to rub it into the scalp, isn’t it? (laughs)…
This is a level that can only be reached by using quasi-drugs, right?”
– A man in his 50’s working in the cosmetics industry.

“It’s a complete scalp lotion rather than a tonic. BG, maltitol, glyceryl glucoside and other components are its basic moisturizing ingredients, right?… Using only this tonic, one will obviously get some hair volume!
I think this is because of the great power of Haskap! It can give volume to short hair within one use only.”
– A man in his 50’s working in the beauty industry.

Our new collection of Haskap beauty products

ハスカップビューティー ラインナップ

Today, we present to you our new products collection for hair and scalp with honeysuckle (Haskap) crop’s extract:

The Haskap shampoo gently washes your hair while protecting the skin with the power and the aroma of Honeysuckle.
It rehydrates your scalp simultaneously with a copious dense foam.
The shampoo is contained in a beautiful purple bottle of 360 ml.

The Haskap treatment contains Honeysuckle crops extract combined with skin-friendly amino acids and keratin components.
It gives the hair firmness, luster and a glossy consistency.
The Haskap treatment is contained in a beautiful purple tube of 360 ml.

The Haskap extract tonic is presented in a spray of 100 ml. (Improving now. Not for sale)
It contains an extract of the Haskap carefully harvested in Hokkaido.
The anthocyanins contained in the Haskap together with the extract of Wasabi from Hokkaido and the Japanese marine placenta extract will give you a very healthy scalp.

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On our journey to beautiful hair and scalp, we have encountered the five blessings of the North.

My hair had lost its luster and elasticity and I was trying various things. Since it contains anthocyanin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are likely to be effective anti-aging agents, and it has such a good smell, I also tried this product out. It was gentle on my weak skin, therefore, anyone can use it safely as the product is full of ingredients that originate in Hokkaido. My hair was dry before, but now, it has calmed down and its quality has improved. That is why I continue to use it.

Because I have skin allergies, I just wanted to find a product that suits my condition. I do agree with Ankh's way of thinking about Oriental medicine usage. As an adept of natural products, and since Haskap and berries are mainly present in the product, I was convinced to use it. In Ankh, I got more details about this product. Besides Haskap berries, it also contains ‘gold and silver’ flowers belonging to the honeysuckle family, and it seems it is favorable for skin absorption. It is said to be as effective the Chinese medicine, so you can continue to use it over and over. I have also recommended it to a friend of mine who has some hair problems.

Over the past few years, the number of people going gray early has increased and the frequency of dyeing has increased too, with noticeable deterioration of the condition of the hair and scalp. I have started using Haskap because I wanted to recover a healthy scalp and a good hair quality. It is said that sea berry is a "medical fruit" that makes your skin looks like a baby. Palmitoleic acid is also good for skin regeneration and has antibacterial properties. I am no longer worried about stiffness and thinness in my hair.

I got a scalp diagnosis in Ankh, and because my scalp showed a poor blood circulation and seemed to be suffering from severe coldness, they taught me what to do to tackle it. Aronia is a component that helps improve coldness, so I have started to drink lotus tea on a regular basis. It is also stimulating for the scalp to alternate cool and warm water when shampooing, and it also improves shoulder stiffness.

I used to search online many times about thin hair, and I came across "Marine placenta extract" very often. It is true that I have been interested in this treatment because I was worried about thinning hair only but, other ingredients may be good too. Hence I will continue to use it for a while.

Haskap (Honeysuckle) beauty products story

Being beautiful through the power of nature

To all women who want to be beautiful with the power of nature!

Amazing Ankh

According to Ms. Obara, the owner of Hair & Make Oasis Ankh, the concept of total balance beauty is based not only on the “outward beauty”, but also encompasses adjusting the “personality beauty” and the “inward health” through the skin and the physical condition.
To keep a “total balance beauty”, it is essential to balance these three aspects of “aesthetics” aiming at reaching the total beauty and wellness.
However, the high cost of total balance products remains a big barrier to spread the “total balance beauty” concept to various customers.

About the story behind Haskap (Honeysuckle) products, Ms. Obara says: ‘while thinking how to make young people experience the “Total Balance Beauty”, I met with Mr. Esaki who started farming Haskap in Naganuma, raising it with all his heart.
This is how I discovered that these small crops, which have been popular since the ancient times, have a great power to fulfill my ideal of “living in harmony with the earth”.’

‘My aim is to develop care products using Haskap as a raw material and involving all the potential of Hokkaido region.
We are now on the way to make the “Haskap beauty” development effectively fruitful. Please experience this blessing of nature.’

Ms. Komina Obara,
President of Amazing Ankh Co., Ltd.

1. Reasons why focusing on Haskap (Honeysuckle):

In our salon, the products used for permanent hair dye are mainly based on herbs and aromas together with head spa that is based on Oriental medicine theory, and the popular scalp cleansing menu. As the herbal extracts are becoming expensive, many of our customers ask why we do not use Hokkaido herbs. But we are still looking for the best usage for the local products for the beauty industry in Hokkaido.

One other reason is that I myself was involved in my uncle’s work at an early age and had a lot of experience of touching nature, and was able to remember the comfort of nature. Ten years ago, I suddenly developed a bad allergy and decided to embrace the herbal beauty and herbal medicine.

After that, I visited George’s farm in Naganuma a few years ago and tried to make the extract of Haskap. I could hear the opinion of many farmers on the benefits and merits of Haskap.

I think that nature’s help is essential for our bodies as our five senses become disturbed when they go away from nature.

2. What is Haskap?

Haskap is a fruit tree that belongs to the honeysuckle family which grows naturally in Hokkaido. It is called Kurominouguisukagra in Japanese, and its purple pretty fruit matures around July. The fruit might be eaten raw, but now it is widely used in cooking recipes and has become known outside of Japan as well. Besides Japan, this fruit tree grows naturally also in Sakhalin and Siberia, but it is in Canada that it is booming under the name of HASCAP.

3. The power of Haskap:

Haskap contains anthocyanins with antioxidant effects, as well as a variety of nutrients such as vitamin C, E, iron, calcium and carotene. Vitamin C, which is particularly effective for anti-aging, boasts the amount of 50mg in 100g of Haskap.
Recently, it has become clear that Haskap also has an anti-glycation action, and it is thought that it is very suitable for scalp care for this reason.

4. The secret story behind the birth of our Haskap Beauty products:

Haskap, which is a raw material, is provided by farmers in Hokkaido and especially George’s farm in Naganuma. When I was doing the product development alone, I did not know how to make Haskap extract, and used the juicer to strain the fruit of Haskap. After that, I met Bellecour, a local cosmetics laboratory with a similar philosophy to mine, and repeated prototypes many times to adjust the texture from fragrance to hair care.

5. Introduction of George’s farm as a producer of Haskap:

It starts from knowing the soil and the crops.

George's farm

From large-scale agriculture to natural farming, there are various possible styles of agriculture in the world.
George says ‘With organic farming, I can build up better soil, manage better, grow tasty, nutritious and healthy vegetables, and aim for a style that will result in using a small amount of pesticides.
I was born in Nagoya, but I discovered a lot of surprising vegetables and fruits in Hokkaido. Among them, I was so curious about Haskap. At first, I didn’t even know how to grow it, but I gradually learned how to do it. I never thought that this little fruit I was raising would support women’s beauty. I’m surprised at the power of nature again!’

Mr. Yu Esaki president of
Esaki Corporation / George's Farm

6. Presentation of Bellecour Institute of cosmetics Manufacturing Company:

Bellcoor Institute Co., Ltd.” has a corporate philosophy of making products with a “beautiful heart”. I have studied the beauty from both the external and the inner spiritual side. To develop good results in the 21st century, we are constantly developing technologies that provide real results to our customers.

①Where was the difficulty?
Since we wanted to use Haskap extract in our products, it was difficult to choose other cosmetics ingredients that do not interfere with the concept of natural care.

②Our commitment
We are committed to blending the aroma of natural essential oils. It is especially important to keep a fragrance that gives the healing effect to the users.

③For whom are the products suitable?
Our product is highly recommended during bath time for those who feel tired and stressed in their daily lives.

7. The prototype is finalized now, on to the next step

At present, we have finished making Honeysuckle products, and we are now proposing the Honeysuckle head spa and head water therapy for our customers at the salon.

Our customers who accepted to test this prototype noticed the following: the head was loosend, the scalp became soft, the head became warm, the fragrance was good, the blood circulation was improved by the water treatment care, it felt very good afterwards, and the body was warm after the operation and felt comfortable.

I have gotten a higher appraisal and very good evaluation from my customers more than I was expecting. By all means, please experience Haskap beauty power♪

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Ankh Original/ “Haskap Beauty” Regular Course

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