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Ankh Customer Philosophy 【あんくお客様理念】


Ankh Customer Philosophy


As your total balance beauty planners,
we offer support for everything from creating beauty through decoration
to the deeper essential beauty of healthy hair and skin,
to support for customers as they develop their own unique aesthetic sense.

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In addition to beauty, we always consider the wellbeing of our customers,
and we seek to help their creativity bloom.

We are deeply committed to all of the following goals:


We aim to bring out the real beauty that is inside our customers,
while also strengthening their immune systems, through careful balance of three elements based on the principles of Eastern Medicine: Ki – the autonomic nervous system, Ketsu – blood circulation, and Sui – lymph and metabolism.


We aim to propose a design that fits each customer’s unique personality.
This is achieved through objective analysis and relying on the beautician’s personal experience.


We aim to provide a highly satisfying beauty plan,
but beyond that, we want to show our customers real hospitality –
to put our hearts and souls into making people both happy and beautiful.


We aim to always remember to provide results through the continuing practice of Total Balance Beauty, striving toward self-discipline along with our customers.


We aim to continue to perform research aimed at anti-aging treatments,
in order to increase the healthy lifespan of the general population.
We hope to achieve this through constant reexamination of our Total Balance Beauty techniques, always searching for ways to improve.

 Ankh Customer Policy


We aim to support customers as they choose and then carry out the beauty plan that fits them best.


It is our mission as Total Beauty Planners to help our customers to shine to their fullest potential.

【美・外側 装飾美】 
Outward Beauty – Decorative Beauty


We aim to help our customers to always shine beautifully through the application of anti-aging treatments and image consulting.


We aim to provide design techniques that fit each customer’s individual needs.
These include cutting, perming, coloring, setting, and more.


Also, we aim to help customers look and feel more beautiful,
so that they will have the confidence they need to enjoy the latest fashions.

【健・内側 素材美】 
Inward Health – Essential Beauty


We aim to support customers as they build healthy bodies,
based on both the principles of Eastern Medicine and the latest boutique clinic treatments.


We are committed to building beautiful hair and skin,
while strengthening the natural powers of healing and immunity that all of our customers already have inside of them.
We do this through the combined use of herbal remedies and the principles of Eastern Medicine, along with the latest boutique clinic treatments.

Health and Aesthetic Sense


We will endeavor to build an environment in which both our employees and
our customers can come together and share their dreams, aesthetic sense,
hearts, and minds. We want Ankh to be a place that is centered on relationships.


We aim to be the kind of place where staff members and customers can share discoveries
and aesthetic sense, where the staff members are skilled at customer relations,
good at listening and treating customers with heartfelt hospitality,
where the whole staff values communication with the customer.

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Beauty Salon Hair&Make 【Oasis Ankh】in Sapporo,Hokkaido

ALPHA Maruyama (Maruyama Pia Bild) 3F
Odori West 24, Chuo Ward, Sapporo City
(1 min. walk from Maruyama Kouen subway exit no. 5)
OPEN 10:00~19:00   
CLOSED Mondays,Tuesdays

【What’s ”Ankh”?】

The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian amulet that symbolizes life and spirit;
it was called the key to open the door of destiny.


We will endeavor to build an environment in which both our employees
and our customers can come together and share their dreams,
aesthetic sense, hearts, and minds.

We want Ankh to be a place that is centered on
relationships, even though we can’t speak English fluently.

but but but……
We are a friendly and fun team!

WELCOME to Oasis Ankh!

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